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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

How to Pack Hookahs When Traveling

A hookah is a great piece of entertainment when taken on a trip. As you may know, a hookah includes a lot of fragile pieces. The glass vase and ceramic bowl may shatter in a plane and even on a car ride in transit. This post is going to teach you on how to pack hookah when traveling by using packaging supplies at a very low rate or even for free. I use to phases to pack the hookah, the protecting phase and packing phase.

Phase 1 – Protecting

The first piece of supply to care for is the hookah glass vase. Without a vase, smoking hookah on a trip becomes impossible because if your bowl breaks you can replace it with an apple head. Most hookahs come with a carrying case but even that is not too sturdy to keep a hookah intact. I recommend wrapping bubble wrap 3 times around the vase and the bubbles should be large for added protection. Then go around the vase 2 times with industrial tape to ensure that the bubble wrap is securely protecting the vase.

Once the hookah vase is wrapped, I then take a newspaper. In my case, I use the front cover of the LA Times and wrap the whole entire bowl with the newspaper. I then use the industrial tape to secure the wrapping as well.

Phase 2 – Packing

When your hookah is securely protected your hookah vase and bowl can withhold most impacts and it will be protected if dropped on the floor. I then begin to shred 4 pages of newspaper into small pieces and securely place half the paper at the bottom of the carrying case and then begin to place the vase and the other parts of the hookah in the case. If the case is too small, I use a cardboard box to pack the hookah parts. Once the hookah is securely placed in the case or box, I sprinkle the rest of the shredded paper on the top of the hookah parts, close the top, and I am ready for my trip!

Tip: I usually take Junior Hookahs on vacation if I am traveling by car or plane because it’s very easy to carry it on with no problem. The airport security simply opens the hookah and lets me pass security and I have yet to have any problem. Taking larger hookahs may be harder to carry on because they are bigger in size. 

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Legalities of Hookah Use Crossing State Lines

Smoking hookah laws are extremely similar to individual state tobacco laws. Shisha also known as “hookah tobacco” is made of tobacco, henceforth, officials have categorized shisha under the same laws of tobacco.

The American Lung Association has a very resourceful site about tobacco control. The ALA comprehensive site includes state tobacco laws and smoking policy. The SLATI state pages shows the tobacco laws per every state.

The ALA provides the following information:

  • Clean Indoor Air
  • Tobacco Excise Taxes
  • Youth Access
  • Licensing Requirements
  • Smoker Protection Laws
  • Advertising and Promotion
  • Product Disclosure
  • Tobacco Divestment
  • Tobacco Settlement

In closing, the hookah use per each state depends on the law specified by the governmental body that put the law in place.
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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Code 69 Starbuzz

My friends and I were at the Spot a couple nights in Encino, CA and we came across a very delicious flavor by Starbuzz. We had selected Code 69 Starbuzz Hookah Tobacco. This flavor was mixed with all sorts of flavoring and it was absolutely fruity and mild. It somewhat tasted like a Sangria.

I totally recommend this flavor and its probably the Hookah Tobacco flavor for Spring 2009.
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Friday, December 12, 2008

Hookah Genie Wants To Cater To You

We want to urge everyone to email us directly at HookahGenie@gmail.com and yes that's our personal e-mail address that we talk to friends and family on and suggest products to us. We want to provide the best inventory so we supply your needs. Or if you like just drop a line and email us to get to know us!
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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Hookah Addicts is live - The Internet's Most Comprehensive Hookah Community

Hookah Genie has launched HOOKAH ADDICTS! The first ever tobacco rating site, video review, information and forum!

Please go to HookahAddicts.com. 
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Thursday, October 30, 2008

3 hose hookah

For all avid hookah smokers, the 3 hose hookah is perfect for group sessions. The 3 hose hookah is primarily tailored to groups of more than 5 people and have extensive knowledge of the hookah. It is quite difficult to operate the following hookah in comparison to other 1 hose hookahs. We recommend the following types of hookah as your second one to have and use it for only special occasions when there are enough people to enjoy it.  In addition, Egyptian 3 hose hookahs work best because the manufactures have mastered the art of creating this type of hookah compared to more modern designer.
Some important rules about 3 hose hookahs: 
  • Never smoke while another person is smoking 
  • Keep the hose clogged with your fingers when another person is smoking 
  • Do not use alone 
  • Do not purchase the following as your first hookah 
  • Do not use as your primary hookah 
  • Do not hog the hookah. You will get your chance if you follow the rotation 

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Le Souk New York

 I recently visited New York City and I was in the mood for some Middle Eastern food and I was recommend to a restaurant located in East Village named Le Souk. I made reservations and headed to the restaurant at 10PM. When I arrived there was no room to walk in and, of course, they had lost my reservation. But nonetheless I flirted my way through with the hostess and she sat down my friends and I downstairs where it was jammed packed with beautiful and hip people. She sat us down somewhere really good where we had a view of the male belly dancer and the crowd. I was very impressed with Le Souk's decor because it was very detailed and cultural looking. My friends and I ordered food, which I was pretty good. Definitely not your traditional Middle Eastern appetite but it fit the agenda quite well. After we were done eating, we jammed to the music and surprisingly did not order any hookah but shared one with the girls next to us. We did, however, purchase a bottle of vodka for the first part of the night at 1AM and drank till we headed out to another club. After we ate, the bottom floor was cleared out and the DJ played a lot good jams, primarily house and the whole mood of the place changed tremendously. This restaurant is definitely a must and make sure to ask to be sat at the bottom and do not get frustrated if your food comes late. Simply enjoy the setting and the place you are at. Le Souk in New York is a fabulous restaurant.
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