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Thursday, October 30, 2008

3 hose hookah

by HookahGenie 3 comments

For all avid hookah smokers, the 3 hose hookah is perfect for group sessions. The 3 hose hookah is primarily tailored to groups of more than 5 people and have extensive knowledge of the hookah. It is quite difficult to operate the following hookah in comparison to other 1 hose hookahs. We recommend the following types of hookah as your second one to have and use it for only special occasions when there are enough people to enjoy it.  In addition, Egyptian 3 hose hookahs work best because the manufactures have mastered the art of creating this type of hookah compared to more modern designer.
Some important rules about 3 hose hookahs: 
  • Never smoke while another person is smoking 
  • Keep the hose clogged with your fingers when another person is smoking 
  • Do not use alone 
  • Do not purchase the following as your first hookah 
  • Do not use as your primary hookah 
  • Do not hog the hookah. You will get your chance if you follow the rotation 

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