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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Le Souk New York

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 I recently visited New York City and I was in the mood for some Middle Eastern food and I was recommend to a restaurant located in East Village named Le Souk. I made reservations and headed to the restaurant at 10PM. When I arrived there was no room to walk in and, of course, they had lost my reservation. But nonetheless I flirted my way through with the hostess and she sat down my friends and I downstairs where it was jammed packed with beautiful and hip people. She sat us down somewhere really good where we had a view of the male belly dancer and the crowd. I was very impressed with Le Souk's decor because it was very detailed and cultural looking. My friends and I ordered food, which I was pretty good. Definitely not your traditional Middle Eastern appetite but it fit the agenda quite well. After we were done eating, we jammed to the music and surprisingly did not order any hookah but shared one with the girls next to us. We did, however, purchase a bottle of vodka for the first part of the night at 1AM and drank till we headed out to another club. After we ate, the bottom floor was cleared out and the DJ played a lot good jams, primarily house and the whole mood of the place changed tremendously. This restaurant is definitely a must and make sure to ask to be sat at the bottom and do not get frustrated if your food comes late. Simply enjoy the setting and the place you are at. Le Souk in New York is a fabulous restaurant.

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