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Wednesday, November 7, 2007


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About Hookah Genie:

Hookah Genie is the Official Hookah Blog, discussing everything about Hookah around the world. The topics include health issues, hookah designs, tobacco rating, companies as well as their innovative business model, hookah lounge reviews, how to, research and updated news. In short, Hookah Genie will guide you through the whole Hookah experience on the Internet.


Hookah Genie

Hookah Genie is regarded as a Hookah expert by his peers and surroundings. Starting from the age of 18, he started to collect Hookahs from all over the world. On a trip to China, he saw the number of Hookahs being traded on the market, so he decided to import Chinese made Hookahs to the United States. In 2005, Hookah Genie was established as the number one Hookah retailer on the Internet (eBay). As time progressed, Hookah Genie decided to shift his focus from selling hookahs to providing the world a resourceful blog about Hookahs. The information on the blog is to teach Hookah smokers the health issues associated with smoking hookah tobacco along with fun facts, reviews and a series of how to.

Our mission is to educate the public and to prevent young people in starting a habit of smoking tobacco. A Hookah is meant to be used by adults as a social smoke very rarely. Please feel free to contact us with any tips.

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