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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

How to Pack Hookahs When Traveling

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A hookah is a great piece of entertainment when taken on a trip. As you may know, a hookah includes a lot of fragile pieces. The glass vase and ceramic bowl may shatter in a plane and even on a car ride in transit. This post is going to teach you on how to pack hookah when traveling by using packaging supplies at a very low rate or even for free. I use to phases to pack the hookah, the protecting phase and packing phase.

Phase 1 – Protecting

The first piece of supply to care for is the hookah glass vase. Without a vase, smoking hookah on a trip becomes impossible because if your bowl breaks you can replace it with an apple head. Most hookahs come with a carrying case but even that is not too sturdy to keep a hookah intact. I recommend wrapping bubble wrap 3 times around the vase and the bubbles should be large for added protection. Then go around the vase 2 times with industrial tape to ensure that the bubble wrap is securely protecting the vase.

Once the hookah vase is wrapped, I then take a newspaper. In my case, I use the front cover of the LA Times and wrap the whole entire bowl with the newspaper. I then use the industrial tape to secure the wrapping as well.

Phase 2 – Packing

When your hookah is securely protected your hookah vase and bowl can withhold most impacts and it will be protected if dropped on the floor. I then begin to shred 4 pages of newspaper into small pieces and securely place half the paper at the bottom of the carrying case and then begin to place the vase and the other parts of the hookah in the case. If the case is too small, I use a cardboard box to pack the hookah parts. Once the hookah is securely placed in the case or box, I sprinkle the rest of the shredded paper on the top of the hookah parts, close the top, and I am ready for my trip!

Tip: I usually take Junior Hookahs on vacation if I am traveling by car or plane because it’s very easy to carry it on with no problem. The airport security simply opens the hookah and lets me pass security and I have yet to have any problem. Taking larger hookahs may be harder to carry on because they are bigger in size. 

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